Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tannumah bridge work starts

A significant step in the development of Basra started today when work began on a new bridge over the Shatt al Arab waterway, connecting the city centre to the At Tannumah district. A brick laying ceremony marked the start of the project and was attended by a raft of dignitaries, government officials and local media.

“This is a statement that Basra, as far as the future is concerned, is going to be exciting and rosy,” said General Andy Salmon, General Officer Commanding Multi-National Division (South East).

The At Tannumah bridge will replace pontoon-style bridges, providing far better access and higher volumes of residential and commercial traffic

The bridge has also been designed to be raised to allow shipping access to the port of Al Maqil in the northern part of Basra. Access to the port will provide a considerable boost to the local economy, creating up to 1000 jobs at the port, increasing trade and enabling further investment in the city.

Construction of the bridge is expected to take approximately 18 months and will be run by an Iraqi contractor, Ibn Majid.

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