Monday, February 23, 2009

Blackpool rock called up for military service - Blackpool Today

BLACKPOOL'S most famous sweet-tasting export been called up for a military mission to Iraq.

Sticks of Blackpool rock commemorating the end of military operations have been ordered by Major Steve Hallam, of 2 Divisional Health team. The sweets, made in the resort, are in Iraqi flag colours and feature the words "Op Telic job done".

Troops in Basra hired Blackpool company Stanton Novelty Rock Company after finding it on the internet.The rock is coloured red, black and white, which are the colours of the Iraqi flag, and the rock has the words "OP TELIC JOB DONE" running through it.Stanton boss Geoff Thorp readily agreed to provide the rock at cost price because all profits will go to the 'Help the Heroes' charity.

He also donated a selection of other confectionary which will be given to a local Basra orphanage.

Major Hallam said: "This is a fun way of marking the successful end of the British military mission and raising money for a worthy cause.

"We would like to thank Geoff and his company for his much appreciated contribution and to the 2 Division Health Team and the RAF for getting the 45 Kg package out to us."

Maj Hallam is part of an Environmental Health team based on the COB, Basra, Iraq charged with maintaining the health and hygiene of the troops stationed there.

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