Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Tour With Basra's Border Police And Marines

As the British military prepares the handover of security of the entire Basra Province to the Iraqi Security Forces, a new focus is being placed on Iraqs southernmost region.

Nabeel Kamal traveled there to interview Basras Marines, Navy, and other security forces in charge of protecting Iraqs borders from smugglers, pirates, and terrorists.

Basras Shalamja Port is a major entry point to Iraq for many travels from the Gulf and other Arab countries, as well as Iran. It is also a major hub of activity from smugglers and pirates. Being Iraqs only access to the sea, its stability is a strategic necessity for Iraqs longterm security.

Iraqs Navy has in the past , and is now beginning again , to serve that purpose. Originally founded in 1937, primarily as a river force, it was not until after the Revolution of 1968 that Iraq began to constitute a strong naval force, with the ability to exert influence in the Gulf.

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