Thursday, May 28, 2009

We missed you so much daddy - The Daily Express

SISTERS Lauren and Megan Cooke cannot contain their joy as they welcome their father Sergeant Richard Cooke home from Iraq.

Sgt Cooke, from Swansea, was part of 15 Squadron RAF Regiment which returned to Honington in Suffolk yesterday.

They were among the final frontline troops to leave Basra.

Lauren, five, and Megan, nine, were joined by their mother Sue, 40, and clutched banners saying “Welcome home Daddy” and “We missed you”.

Mrs Cooke said: “I had a bit of a tear when I saw him. The children have been so excited.”

Sgt Cooke said Iraqis exchanged gifts with troops on their last patrol. “We gave them duvets and they gave us rings,” he said.

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