Friday, November 21, 2008

New security station opens in Basra

Commander Iraqi Ground Forces, Staff General Ali Gheydan, and prime ministerial advisor Mohammed Nasr attended the opening of the Basra Provincial Joint Operational Command (PJOC) this morning, 20 November 2008 in Basra, Iraq.

The PJOC took three months to build in the Shat Al Arab Hotel, which is home to the Basra Operations Command (BAOC). Major General Mohammed Jowad Hameidi, commander of the BAOC, was also present along with Major General Andy Salmon how commands MND(SE).

Major General Mohammed Jowad Hameidi said:
“With the efforts of the Iraqi Security Forces and all the hard work and co-operation of our friends in the Multi National Forces we deliver this massive Joint Operations Centre with all the latest technology similar to other strong armies across the world. We have to save and enjoy the security in Basra in order to make this city the most important place in Iraq for economic and investment opportunities. This will be a gift to the people of Basra for all the hardships that they have suffered under the old regimes”

Major General Andy SALMON said:
“I’m terribly pleased with what I’ve heard today. This is a really proud moment for the ISF and General Mohammed and all the agencies you’ve seen here today. I think it’s particularly gratifying for the British soldiers who have worked so hard to achieve this very difficult task in an accelerated time scale, to get the Basra JOC up and running to full operational capability.”

“For MND(SE) we are seeing great progress in terms of being able to deliver the task that we set ourselves and we remain on track to deliver exactly what the Prime Minister [UK} has said we need to deliver”

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