Saturday, November 22, 2008

Commando's launch op

The Iraqi Army continues to demonstrate confidence and credibility on a daily basis. A recent search operation in Southern Iraq was planned and led by 14 Divisional (Div) Commando Battalion, Iraq Army with minimal British Forces input. Although nothing was found during the operation, the planning, implementation and execution of the mission was deemed to be a great success, further accelerating the Iraqi Army down the road toward autonomous operations.

Members of the 14 Div Commando Battalion Military Transition Team (MiTT) assisted the Iraq Army in the conduct of the operation, with the Royal Engineers Search Team based at Camp Wessam, near Basra, Iraq, providing back-up support. Operations such as these continue to cement the stable security in the region, that enables other projects such as water treatment, sewerage control and waste management to build up pace, further improving the lives of the Iraqi population.

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