Thursday, September 4, 2008

Iraqi Police and Army join forces in Basra

New Joint Security Stations for the Iraqi Police Service and Iraqi Army, from which the two forces will conduct joint patrols, have opened in the al Hussein area of Basra this week.

Major General Andy Salmon General Officer Commanding Multi National Division (South East) shakes hands with Major General Aziz General Officer Commanding 14th Division Iraqi Army at the Joint Security Station in the Hyyanniah district of Basra [Picture: LA (Phot) Jannine B Hartmann]

The creation of the Joint Security Stations (JSSs) marks a new period of co-operation and closer working between the two security forces. The stations will provide community bases from which the Iraqi Police Service and Iraqi Army will plan and conduct security patrols together, enabling a sustainable and permanent security solution for the people of Basra.
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Iraqi army and police join forces in Basra - Middle East Times

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