Thursday, September 18, 2008

30 suspects and an ammunition cache seized by Basra Police

Basra Police have arrested 30 criminals and siezed a significant quantity of ammunition in a recent operation.

IPS spokesman Colonel Kareem Az Zaydi announced that in the last few days the police department has arrested 30 terror and criminal suspects, seized 76 mortar rounds of varying sizes and diffused a locally made IEDs (improvised explosive device) in the Shat Al Arab district. The Police also took 25 medium-sized weapons with 70 rounds of ammunition, while impounding a stolen car.

The IPS emergency battalion in Al Qurna discovered a cache of ammunition in the An Najiriya area in the north of Al Qurna made up of 75 mortar rounds of differing calibres along with 5 ‘Katyusha’ rockets.

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