Saturday, June 6, 2009

Iraq carries on preparations for US pull out

The image of the post withdrawal period from Iraqi cities and Provinces at the end of the current month started to become clearer day after day especially on the security level.

National Command Central Chief Brigadier General Abdul Karim Khalaf said that police forces constituted of 500000 policemen will take care of the security responsibilities in all the towns and cities and provinces after the withdrawal of the US forces.

Khalaf said that police will take full responsibility in 7 big provinces in the areas situated in the middle and south of Iraq. Khalaf added that the same forces are going to be charged of security along with Iraqi army and that in 8 regions which are: Baghdad, Anbar, Diyala, Kirkuk, Nineveh, Salah Addin, Karbala and Basra.

The regions in which maintaining security will be shared enjoy a political and economic importance such as Basra and Kirkuk while some others did not reach security stability until now.

Brigadier General Abdul Karim Khalaf stressed that the Iraqi forces will fill the vacuum that would be left by the withdrawal of the US forces, according to the security agreement.

Nine units of Iraqi police including 4 Commandos units and 5 units of borders forces will be deployed. He also uttered hopes that by the middle of next year Iraq will be able to impose full control on its borders with Iran pointing out that the situation on the border with Syria is better especially after deploying checkpoints all along the border on each 1.5 km.

Khalaf also pointed out that Iraqi forces need the support of the US forces since they don’t have developed equipments and they need the support of air forces, as well as they need arms and US expertise.

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