Thursday, March 26, 2009

Is God Answering Prayer For Iraq?

"'I am just optimistic, and I think we are on the right path,' said Hiba Aal-Jassin, a dental student.

"There are dramatic numbers to backup this sentiment. A new ABC News poll finds 65 percent of Iraqis feel positive about their lives. So much so, that from the port city of Basra in the south, to Karbala in the heartland, there are signs of new life everywhere.

"The streets, the markets, the restaurants, they are all bustling with people. some Iraqis in Baghdad have even taken up new hobbies like car racing.

"'It is all new,' said Luay al-Ameer. 'It is nice.'"

Many Americans prayed earnestly for a democracy build in Iraq after the fiendish despot was dethroned. Is democracy now blossoming?

Per George Thomas,CBN News Senior Reporter, there is real hope. Six years have passed since the US moved into Iraq to rid the place of Saddam Hussein.

Six years. Can one imagine that the years have flown by so quickly? Yet they have and change has moved in for the better.

Where once soccer stadiums were used primarily for Muslim males to shoot bullets into women's heads to decree "honor killing," soccer stadiums are now used mainly for legitimate sport.

"Tens of thousands of fans feel safe to gather for soccer matches. Security is a big factor in all this.. 84 percent of Iraqis say the security conditions are good. The number is double what it was in 2007.

"'We feel safe and it is much better than last year,' said one Iraqi."

Instead of the sharia Islamic maddening so-called rule of justice and legality, locals praise democracy.

People are talking about planting their flower and vegetable gardens. Children are tossing balls in the streets. Markets are selling their produce.

Instead of Hussein's lusty sons picking up pretty women on the streets at night, taking them to rape rooms, then killing them before dawn, Iraqis try to forget the raunchy Hussein who played righteous while slaughtering his own.

Even Hussein's relatives feared for their daughters. Hussein would have lavish parties in his palaces. Relatives were invited. However, before daylight a young girl or two or three could be missing forever. Hussein and sons thought nothing of taking his own clan females for sex and then murder.

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