Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Bridge to be built in Basra - Alsumaria Iraqi Satellite TV Network

In Basra International airport a contract was signed in order to build a new bridge instead Al Tanouma Bridge which is actually situated in the middle of Basra city. The cost of the project is of $11600 and multinational forces will finance the project.

Multinational forces spokesman Lt Cdr Bill Young said that the Forces contracted with two companies: MacDnonald and Ibn Majed in order to start the construction works in the bridge that is situated on Shat Al Arab. The spokesman pointed out that signing the contract took place in the attendance of a number of Province Council members and of representatives of the two companies.

Young Added that the Bridges blueprints were established by Iraqi architects and it will be soon built beside the two floating bridges and it would also include two lines. The bridge allows the passage of boats all along the river because it was designed to be opened in the middle.

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